Midwest Tool LogoWe stock Midwest brand tools for the specialized work of metal roofing.  Midwest offers a superior offset aviation snips, simple and functional folding tools for detail work along with many other great items.  Many other specialty tools are also available.

Metal Roof Snow Retention Systems

Snow Retention System

Snow retention is a science unto itself.  Panel design will influence the optimal snow retention choice for your roof.  We carry dozens of different systems from several manufacturers and can help with making this detail work for your application.

Fasteners are key to a smooth installation.  We offer a high quality wafer head, #2 Square drive screw with a Type 17 point.  Although called a clip screw because of its flat head, it also serves as an excellent choice for trim metal.  The Type 17 point helps these screws to easily pierce multiple layers of 24ga, or thicker, material.  Most applications call for a #10×1” screw; we also carry other lengths.

We supply gutter in both 5” and 6” OG patterns and 3×4 downspouts out of most roofing metals for a true match to the roof or as a high quality rain carrying system for any roof.  Matching accessories, such as inside and outside miters, end caps and heavy stainless steel hangers are also available.

Roof specialty items such as metal vents, continuous ridge and eave vents, rubber plumbing stack boots and high temperature silicone hot pipe boots are readily available in many sizes for a broad range of applications.  Metal vents can be fabricated from matching roof metal.